It's Just A F*cking Potato

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Are foods that cause guilt or shame taking over your life? Do you find yourself avoiding social situations where certain foods show up? Are you having trouble being fully present with your family and friends because of anxiety around food?

You are likely struggling with what we call "fear foods"

This is the perfect workbook to take back your power when it comes to food.

Challenge fear foods that are dominating your thoughts and taking over your life.

In this workbook you will get:

  • An overview of when and with who it is appropriate to challenge fear foods
  • A comprehensive list that helps you identify fear foods
  • A fear food hierarchy chart that will help you sort out the level of anxiety certain foods cause
  • Gentle steps to challenge foods that cause anxiety
  • A toolbox of challenge strategies that work at different levels of the fear food hierarchy list
  • Food chaining strategies that will help you with foods that cause high anxiety
  • Inspirational quotes and a reward system that will help you stay motivated and strong during fear food challenges
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guided workbook to help you challenge fear foods

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It's Just A F*cking Potato

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