30 To Kickstart Your Intuitive Eating Journey

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While intuitive eating can seem like a great idea, most of the concepts probably feel as clear as mud when you are getting started.

In this workbook you will get:

  • A simplified overview of the 10 principles of intuitive eating
  • A guide for the common structure of meals and snacks
  • 30 days of exploring what you eat in a day and the hunger cues associated with this
  • A weekly recap sheet that will help you explore your guilt and rules around food
  • A weekly journal prompt to help you build body trust
  • Grocery list suggestions to help you stock the pantry so you CAN have foods to eat intuitively
  • A guide to meal planning intuitively
  • A body-checking exploration worksheet that helps you determine and ditch critical analysis of your body
  • A guide to help you preserve food so you can make the most out of it
  • SUPER SIMPLE meal and snack ideas that can be prepped in 5 minutes or less to satisfy a craving
  • Healthy behaviors tracking sheet that help you ditch diet habits
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30 To Kickstart Your Intuitive Eating Journey

0 ratings
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